CHIC BY DESIGN 'Smart Gifting'.  A unique gift giving service offering a fresh perspective on an age-old conundrum,
‘smart' is synonymous with lasting quality, craftsmanship and design.

We exist to assist corporate clients, businesses and individuals in search of refined, versatile,
and timeless expressions of gratitude.

Our 'Smart Gifting' experience offers the expertise of a personal shopper, the convenience and ease of boutique gift shopping, and the guarantee that, from alluring first look to stylish delivery, every detail of the gift giving process has been considered.

And why should any gift stop giving? Taking pride in elegant, sustainable presentation, we
partnered with Graf & Lantz to create a versatile, streamlined, and environmentally friendly felt
box made exclusively for the collections. Unlike traditional gift baskets, these signature
multi-purpose vessels outlast their original function by adding to the décor of a room. We recommend using them to gather magazines or books, organize children's toys, or artfully arrange favorite household artifacts. When purchased as a collection, each element arrives inside the felt box, individually wrapped and tied with a double satin ribbon and a personalized gift tag.

Founder's Note
After serving for many years as a personal assistant to luminaries on both coasts, I decided to launch a company dedicated to helping professionals and individuals quickly and efficiently locate and purchase ‘the’ perfect gift, be it for their esteemed business associates, dear friends or caring family.

I seek not only beautiful, heirloom quality gifts, but also practical and stylish ones, gifts that reflect the giver’s good taste and ‘savoir faire’.

I strive for quality over quantity. I curate collections tailored to the recipients’ lifestyle. These can be purchased as entire collections, beautifully wrapped and delivered in an unusually attractive felt box, or as individual gifts.

And last but not least, I chose to invest in exceptional photography and modern web design, further enhancing the shopper’s experience of Chic By Design’s ethos: Smart gifts delivered with elegant sophistication.

Welcome to my world, where the art of gift giving will inspire and delight!

Heather C. Dalrymple